How to Set up Giving

1. Click below to go to Central Missionary Clearinghouse and create an account.
2. Choose the "recurring" icon at the top (or the "give" icon for one-time gifts).
3. Enter payment method details (bank account, credit card).
4. From the "Select Account" dropdown, select "Josh McBride" and add amount.
5. Check details and submit the form. You will receive a receipt via email.

*All contributions through CMC are qualified for Federal income tax deduction.

Financial Needs

Please prayerfully consider donating monthly to God's work in San Juan del Sur to help us reach our goal of $1600 per month.

Central Missionary Clearinghouse

Central Missionary Clearinghouse is a non-profit organization that processes funds for missionary work.

Our Sending Churches

CMC requires three churches to act as our mission board/accountability.

Independent Baptist Church in Bolingbrook, Illinois
Park City Baptist Church in Merrill, Wisconsin
Central Baptist Church in Deer Park, Texas

Financial Policies

Other than a $3.00 processing fee per gift received, their services are free to missionaries. They manage our savings and spendings, send reports for simple tax preparations, and offer givers statements for tax deductions.

Why CMC?

CMC allows missionaries to go to the field that God is calling them to, with help from three sending churches and the leading of the Holy Spirit.


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Monthly Commitments


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